Eurol lubricants

Corporate Identity + Packaging design

Client: Eurol lubricants
Date: 14 October 2013
Services: Corporate Identity + Packaging design

“456 days of preparation and the result may be ready.”

Martijn Pfeiffer , Director of Eurol e.g.

Facts & figures

  • Corporate Identity
  • Concept Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design
  • Exposition introduction & presentation

Starting point

Eurol has about 2,500 different products in 36 different product categories.

The unique specifications of each product must be clearly visible on the shelf. The style must also be in line with Eurol’s innovative image. A challenging project that combines different elements of the communicative spectrum.

Our idea

Eurol is a brand that is sold worldwide.

Patrick Nijhuis wanted to give this brand and her products an appearance that matches a GLOBAL lubricant manufacturer. The basic form, ‘the swoosh’, has been well thought out because it had to combine the cosmopolitan character of the organization and all color elements from the product line.


Against the complex background, we developed a clear style, in which the corporate identity and product line connects well.

Patrick Nijhuis has supervised Eurol’s internal DTP studio throughout. The different products are recognized at a glance by the thoughtful use of color. For the website’s new style, Patrick Nijhuis also realized a ‘product advisor’, which recommends the best lubricant based on license plate. The result is therefore a communication line with the same drive as the product and corporate identity: absolute top quality for durability and performance!

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