I feel, I inspire, I design, I think, I create and I implement design in your organization.

Design: Thinking and doing.

Thoughtful design makes a difference. It stands out. Touches. Moves. Supports images. Provides positive brand awareness. Makes vision visible.

I design. Graphic design that stands out. Spoken. The tone sets in word and image. Logos and house styles. Web design. I develop. Communication means that make the difference. Online and offline solutions. Concepts and campaigns that encourage action. Websites and Stores. Innovative. I inspire. Your campaign, my creations, your audience. Synergy. Result.

Art Director

Concept Thinking
Concept elaboration
Concept monitoring


Search participants
Thinking together sessions

Brand Developer

Concept design
Transfer effect
Project consultation / session
Brand monitoring

Graphics Designer

Concept Research
Concept Design
Consultation / Fine Tuning

Collaborating = growing together!

A good concept for design usually comes from the creative cooker of several specialists. You cannot do everything yourself, right? And what’s more beautiful than collaborating? Listen to other ideas. And make something better. That’s why I love teamwork. Play the game together, create together.

Robert Jan Schinkel

Bevlogen copywriter. Concept(be)denker. Tekstpiloot. Auteur. Interviewer. Analytisch. Onderbouwend. Hulpvaardig. Dromer. Verbeeldingskrachtig. Veelzeggend. Taalrijk.

Ilona Hendriks

Beelddenker. Beelddoener. Focus. Scherpe verbeeldingskracht. Praktisch. Maakt er altijd een feestje van. Haalt het mooiste uit mensen en onderwerpen. Kortom: een plaatje!

Elia Quentin

Online strateeg, growth hacker, familieman, teamspeler, analytisch, go-giver, filosoof, ondernemende ondernemer.

Danyel Weideman

Visual creator

Who the ^#*$ is Patrick Nijhuis?

Patrick Nijhuis is a real ideas builder. In concept and creation. He usually calls himself “Crealist.” On the one hand, the untamed passion for creating beautiful design and concepts from scratch. On the other hand, healthy realism must be workable and functional.

Some designs of Nijhuis have become world heritage in the meantime. For example, the logo and the new way of communicating for the Sparta brand. The total brand restyling of Slagharen theme park. Or innovative concepts of packaging for the clients Aldi and Eurol Lubricants.

Thoughtful mix of intellect, intuition and sentiment.

“As a designer, you live on the cutting edge of intense emotion and the rational approach of the target audience. You make functional choices and remain faithful to your inspiration. This is sometimes a difficult combination. A voltage field that makes my subject so special. Actually, I believe that the only objective art should describe human condition, “says Patrick.

Where can you find me?


Jan van Logterenlaan 13, Deventer
+31 (0)570 600499 – ikben@patricknijhuis.nl

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Quick switch and direct result, so: hireme@patricknijhuis.nl

Customers for whom I like to work

``Patrick has a unique and contemporary look on the internet! His concepts for, among other things, Aviko, Interpolis and other common clients prove time and time again, his enthusiasm and knowledge of design! With Patrick you can design and realize concepts. ``

Menno Beker

``Patrick, like no-one, knows how to focus on you as a customer and with minimal input, delivering a result that meets your requirements. In doing so, he is always willing to adapt his first design to your wishes so that the final result is exactly what you expected. He wants to get the best out of you and himself and that makes you feel! ``

Martijn Meima

``Patrick is an expert, creative and enthusiastic sparring partner who offers added value in every respect. A nice person to work with and to share ideas about business and everything outside. ``

Robert Jan Schinkel