A well thought-out concept starts with

the essence of a


I’m curious. Open-minded. Online wizard. Apple adept. Startup freak. Doer. Sparring partner. Explorer. And as art director always looking for the most beautiful aspects of life.

My work is striking. Of high quality. For great customers. My work helps you to perform better. To sell more. To Get sharper results. Step into my world and travel with me. Discover in it. Grow with it.


Concept thinker

How do customers experience your brand, product and the content of the message? I develop concepts and (interactive) media that strengthen your identity and give your image a positive boost.

Art Director

Strikingly distinctive communication power is the perfect combination of marketing strategy, and all available elements. As Art Director I design, develop and monitor your corporate identity.

Graphic designer

Well thought-out design makes a difference. It stands out. Touches. Moves. Supports images. Creates positive brand experience. Makes vision visible. And always ensures results!

Corporate identity designer

I like to develop identities for commercial and cultural organizations. Logo, house style, visual language, copy ... Form and content reinforce each other for the necessary impact!

Interface / UX designer

The latest online trends and opportunities? Interaction, functionality, design and brand experience contribute to successful communication on the Internet.

Packaging designer

Clear typographic imagery forms the basis for effective communication. I develop packaging that perfectly matches your product quality. With powerful attraction of attention!


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My designs are always the result of my search for form, wonder and fun in the world around me.

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